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How Not to Kill Your Partner Whilst You Move Home

There’s no doubt about it, moving house is a temper-twanging experience! From the initial purchase to the eventual move-in date, the whole process can be a bit of a nightmare. In fact, many people put moving home in the same category as life’s other major stresses; including divorce, bankruptcy and even death in the family.

Of course, moving house should never be compared to the latter, but the stress caused by this occasion is enough to cause fatality in itself; especially when there is a partner involved!

It’s Normal – Don’t Worry About it!

Yeah that’s right, how many of us have wanted to kill our partners in the process of moving home? You may be the most romantic, most loved-up and most sickly-cute couple in the world; but come move-in day you are bound to be at each other’s throats! Don’t let this worry you, it’s normal! Just like food shopping and visiting the parent-in-laws; a row is on the horizon and there is nothing you can do about it!

Millions of couples have experienced it and billions of couples have it yet to come – so accepting the inevitable is half of the battle! Moving home is stressful, this much is a fact. There are, however, some things you can do to keep the stress levels at bay and stop you from killing your partner!

Get Organised Early!

The most basic and obvious piece of advice, but yet the most important – get organised early! Okay, there might not be much time in these situations, but proper planning leads to a smooth and quick operation. Have things boxed up, labelled and ready to go, preferably the night before so that move-in day is ready to go from sunrise. A smoother operation is a happier operation, and planning is the key to both. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, right?

Prepare for Plan B

As thorough as your planning may be, you are more than likely to encounter some hiccups on your moving mission. Let’s face it; plan A is perhaps the most failed plan on this planet. So make sure you plan for those ‘what if’ moments like ‘what if the removals van gets a puncture?’ or ‘what if we’re attacked by a grizzly bear?’ Okay maybe not that far, but you get the idea. Preparing for failure can often ensure you avoid it entirely so make sure you have a plan B (and maybe plan C…).

Get Some Help

Moving home is a tough job that requires a lot of manpower and energy. It’s stressful enough between two people alone dealing with the paperwork, never mind moving the furniture. Have the pressure taken off you be using a complete removals service; giving you the time to get on with the other elements of your move without the added stress. Here at Evans Removals our uniformed and expert crew provide a friendly and professional removals service performed with great respect and care. Contact us today for more information.

Bin The Rubbish!

You heard us! Get rid of your rubbish! De-cluttering before you move into your new home can be both therapeutic and rewarding. You may have grown attached to some of your junk in your old home, but this is supposed to be a fresh start and therefore everything that is not necessarily needed should go. Complete this process preferably before you pack, as it will make the whole moving process easier and much more organised.


As Martin Lawrence says in Bad Boys 2, Woosah! Do not let the little things get to you! Things will go wrong, inevitably; it’s how you deal with them that ultimately affects your day. You may have done your absolute best to plan your day and prepare for failures, but you should expect perfection for the chance of being bitterly disappointed. Go with the flow and make altercations to your plan here and there when necessary.

Just Enjoy it!

Yes moving is stressful and yes you want to kill your partner at times; but really, you love them dearly and taking the step to move into a new home together is both a joyous and exciting occasion. So revel in that sentiment and remember the positives – your new start and household awaits you. Make time to treat yourself and your partner along the way, get a take-away or have a cheeky drink in your new local.

Whatever happens, keep a smile on and with the right help your move-in day can be both trouble-free and enjoyable.