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Why Choose Us?

  • 50 years experience in the industry
  • Member of the association of removers E018
  • Purpose built vehicles compliant with all regulations
  • Modern container warehouse, fully alarmed, dry, clean and with secure CCTV coverage
  • Full insurance cover provided
  • Office of fair trade approved code of practice

How self-storage can benefit your business

Utilising self-storage can be a clever way to save yourself some money, while at the same time allowing you to tap into business benefits that may not have crossed your mind.

With the help of office storage spaces as a business owner, you are able to expand, develop and get your business running smoother. It’s also a possibility to use self-storage facilities not just for storage. Especially good for small businesses, as a business owner you can take advantage of this flexible rental space along with the case that small businesses are not liable to pay business rates while they are operating out of a self-storage unit, no matter how big or small.

In fact, if you are a business owner there are multiple ways that having extra storage space can play a crucial part in helping with both the short-term and long-term goals that you may have.

When you rent a self-storage unit it will allow you to purchase goods for resale in larger quantities and on better terms in contrast to buying small quantities more regularly. When stock levels increase, you’re able to easily rent more space and expand your stock and can easily downsize and save costs quickly when your stock has been sold.

Another reason companies, especially those that are in the legal sector rent storage units is to store important documents. As businesses are legally required to retain certain types of documents for a denoted amount of time, many have turned to self-storage for keeping them safe. This area of the industry is continuously expanding due to the safety, security and cost-effectiveness offered compared to conventional methods of document storage operators.

Not only do they provide a great place to keep your documents safe and sound, but it also keeps them out of the way and guarantees no one of your on-site staff will have access to what could potentially be delicate information. Only those with a key can access these files and they have to go off-site to do so.