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Moving House? What You Need To Know About Identity Theft

Moving house can be an exciting time but equally stressful and amongst all the things that you need to do in preparation for moving, some things should never be forgotten – such as redirecting your post.


ID theft is easily achieved when people moving house leave themselves vulnerable to this type of crime. When Identity thieves have access to personal or sensitive information, it can be used in the wrong way and compromise your personal security. Personal information such as bank account details accessible by paper bank statements that may have been left lying around or thrown in the bin rather than shredded, are an identity thief’s dream. Take your personal information seriously and don’t leave anything at the mercy of ID thieves. Shred, shred, shred!

Making a check list of things to do before moving house can eliminate a lot of hassle later on, so carefully think about any companies, businesses or institutions that are likely to contact you by post. Either redirect your mail via the post office or contact the relevant businesses to let them know that you’ll be moving and whether or not you still require their services. With so many other ‘to do’ items on the moving house checklist, things like this can easily get overlooked but being careful can reduce the risks of ID theft / fraud.

You cannot assume that everyone is as honest as you might be, therefore don’t rely on the people moving into the home which you’re moving out of, to throw away letters that don’t belong to them, as your details could quite simply get into the wrong hands.

Many people hire removal vans when moving house or relocating but you should think about transporting all of your personal files yourself, including letters, bank correspondence, legal service documents, estate agents documentation etc, so that these do not get lost in transit. Personal information is not limited to paper documents and files but also include computer drives, disks and USB devices, all of which are gratifying targets for an identity thief.

moving house packing boxes

Depending on the type of property that you’re moving to i.e. flat or maisonette, you may want to consider installing a secure mailbox particularly if your mail can be intercepted when delivered.When thinking about removal van services, try to get a reliable recommendation, whether business or private movers and make sure that if you’re using a professional removal van service, that they’re reputable. When you’re moving house, you want the transition to be smooth and everything to go without a hitch.

When moving house, do a home inventory so that you know exactly what items you’re moving with, this way you’ll notice if there is anything missing. Don’t leave yourself open to ID theft.