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Top Tips for Packing Your Fragile Items

When it comes to transporting your fragile items the last thing you want to happen is for them to become damaged or broken in some way. So it is vitally important that you protect your fragile goods with soft packaging material or other substances that will keep them safe from knocks and bumps.

Fragile Items

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What Do You Love More – The Man or the Van?

When it comes to hiring a man and van service, ideally you want a reliable and sturdy van with a friendly driver who is physically fit and knows where he is going. A shoddy removals man with a knackered vehicle is helpful to no one! So we can completely understand your heartbreak when the local divvy turns up with his donkey expecting to be of some help. He just won’t do! When hiring a man and van service you want the best of the best – and so you should! Transporting your precious items is a job best left for professional and experienced removals men.

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To Move or Not to Move? That is the Question!

As a successful business owner you may find yourself in the position of needing to locate new office space. Whether you have outgrown your current space or simply need to downsize to reduce costs, moving offices can be an important and stressful phase in any company’s lifetime. If you have outgrown your current office space then staying put is simply not an option; but recognising when it is time to move can often be difficult for many business owners.

So how do you know when the right time to move is? Have a read through this list of tell-tale signs and see if you are ready to expand into a larger environment.

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How Not to Kill Your Partner Whilst You Move Home

There’s no doubt about it, moving house is a temper-twanging experience! From the initial purchase to the eventual move-in date, the whole process can be a bit of a nightmare. In fact, many people put moving home in the same category as life’s other major stresses; including divorce, bankruptcy and even death in the family.

Of course, moving house should never be compared to the latter, but the stress caused by this occasion is enough to cause fatality in itself; especially when there is a partner involved!

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How To Choose a Removals Company in 5 Easy Steps

Moving house is considered to be one of life’s most stressful events – it’s up there with losing your job and getting a divorce, according to many who’ve experienced all three. So after potentially years of searching for the right house, putting an offer in, securing a mortgage, and sometimes preparing your family to move miles away from their old home, making sure the removal process goes to plan is one of the last hurdles.

Choosing a company to handle all of your possessions during this stressful time isn’t a decision we take lightly, whether your furniture is largely from Ikea, or antiques you bought at Christie’s. But when the market seems saturated with removal companies all fighting for business, how do you choose?

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Sea views and good schools: What Really Adds a Premium to House Prices?

It seems like house prices across Britain are rising all the time, making life harder and harder for first time buyers, retirees and everyone in between. Alongside this, as always, are bizarre reports of the super-rich, who can afford to rent in Mayfair without even breaking a mild, nervous sweat. In the slightly more normal world, however, are those who can afford to pay a bit of a premium on average house prices, with the right incentive.

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Would You Buy A House In 30 Minutes?

For some it takes years of tireless searching, and there are whole sections of TV schedules based around it, but Aviva recently conducted some research that showed 24% of people choose to buy a house after only one viewing, which took 33 minutes on average. 4000 home-owners were surveyed, showing that the average length of time people spend viewing a potential property has decreased over the last twenty years, with people making quicker decisions, despite the money and debt at stake.

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To Buy Alone Or Not To Buy Alone In London?!

Buying a property is one of the best long term investments you can make, but jumping on the property ladder is no walk in the park. Home ownership is a big deal especially if you’re considering buying a property in London for the first time and even more so, if you’re thinking of buying a property in London on your own. So, is it possible to buy a house in London on a single salary?

London houses single salary

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Is The UK Housing Market Bubbling?

Is the UK currently experiencing another bubble in the housing market? The answer to this may depend on where you live as much as whose opinion you favour. While some industry experts claim house prices across the UK are spiralling out of control, data from the UK Land Registry shows that three-quarters of UK property prices rose by less than 4% in the last 12 months, and that average house prices outside of London and the South East are still below 2007 levels. At the same time, there’s no doubt that the housing market in London and surrounding areas is experiencing rapid gains with a double-digit increase in the previous 12 months. Will this apparent overheating of the capital’s housing market lead to a crash – or at least a temporary bursting of the bubble – or will these rapid price rises extend to other parts of the UK as well?

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