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6-Step Guide to Buying a House with Top Tips for First-Time Buyers

Getting your foot on the property ladder is something that most people aspire to as soon as they have the financial wherewithal. However, with so many different people and procedures involved between first viewing and final purchase, manoeuvring successfully through all the stages may feel like an impossible task for many first-time buyers. With this in mind, here’s a walk through the procedures involved, together with some indispensable tips for buyers, to help turn your dream home plans into a cosy reality.

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Mortgage Approvals Increase by 20%

One of the biggest news stories of 2013 was the jump in the number of mortgage approvals for house buyers. After the doom and gloom of 2012, the 20% spike in the figures last year was very welcome news for the thousands of hopefuls looking to get their foot on the UK housing ladder.

Mortgage approval rate increase

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Renovate Your Home As A DIY Project This Spring

Whether you’re moving to a new house that needs some TLC or you have been living in your home for quite a number of years and you want to improve its decor, then renovating your home would be a step in the right direction!

Home renovation or remodelling is for those homeowners who have stayed at the same place for quite a number of years and want to remain up to date with the latest styles. The advantage with undergoing remodelling is that it not only improves a home’s look dramatically – but also increases functionality in many cases.

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How To Have a Happy House Move With Your Little Ones

Moving house is an exciting time as you embark on a new chapter in your life. However moving your belongings and your life can be an incredibly challenging time, and when you add young children in to the equation even the most experienced movers amongst us may struggle, so here are some tips to help your family move go as smoothly as possible.

moving house with children

There are many theories on how to handle a house move with little ones, some people advise that children are not informed of the move until nearer the time to avoid them worrying, whereas others recommend that children are kept in the loop from very early on. Regardless of the timing, your approach needs to be a positive one that encourages your child about this new adventure. There may be benefits to the move such as a garden to play in, or their own bedroom that can be used as an incentive when discussing the reasons for your move. It is vital that you remain positive throughout because if you are anxious it will be picked up on straight away by your child no matter how many exciting prospects there will be waiting for them.

It is a great idea to involve children in the move beforehand where possible. When offers have been accepted arrange a viewing so that they can see their new surroundings and allow them to choose their own bedding and decorations to make their room their own. The week before the move itself, give your child a small box and let them pack a few of their favourite things from their bedroom or playroom. After the move, ensure that the child is able to unpack the box themselves so that they can be part of the moving process and put their own stamp on their personal space.

removals company moving house with children

On moving day try to arrange childcare for the day so that you can move without needing to worry about your charges, however this is not always possible or practical. If children will be present during the move, ensure that someone is with them at all times and have plenty of games, activities and snacks that will keep them occupied. Have a play pen or stair gates to confine them whilst people are coming and going with furniture and boxes.

The best way to limit stress levels is by using a removal company who will transport your boxes for you or better still come in to your home, carefully pack up your belongings and transport them to your new abode. When moving make sure that your children’s toys, clothes and bedroom furniture are put on the van last so that you can get their rooms set up as a priority to create a familiar, calming, safe environment for them.

Even the youngest children can be affected by a move and need time to get used to their new surroundings. That said, children are extremely resilient and adaptable, so as long as you surround your child with love, reassurance and positivity, they (and you) will make it through a house move unscathed.

Tips For A Hassle-Free Move (Before Christmas)

When it comes to the festive season there is nothing that compares to Christmas in terms of excitement and relaxation. An emerging trend are that quite a few people move home at this part of the year with new properties being up for rent or sale in the markets during this season. Moving during the holidays can be stressful, unless it is done in a systematic and organised manner, preferably by engaging the services of a professional removal company.  They help to reduce the burden of packing and moving for a home-owner. A few basic guidelines that you could follow are:

Day and date: With a little more than a fortnight left for Christmas you need to ensure that you move house and settle into your new place before D-Day. It takes time to organise a new home to one’s satisfaction and you will need to be careful in selecting your deadline and to follow it rigorously.

Packing:  If you are one of those home-owners who likes a hands-on-experience when it comes to packing, you need to begin well before the date you plan to move. You cannot procrastinate and leave it entirely to the last 2 or 3 days which will make it extremely stressful. Organise your packing in a manner that only the basic essentials are left towards the end to be done with all the rest – packaged and ready to be moved. This is where the benefit of employing a removal company comes in handy, as they do the job professionally and quickly. Plus they have the right packing materials to get the job done perfectly and secure against damage or loss.

Moving house packed boxes

Select the right company:  When you decide to opt for a removal company, check for the necessary certification and affiliation. Every professional removal company must be affiliated to BAR (British Association of Removers) which confirms the quality of services on offer is top notch and also helps to resolve any matters that might come up for arbitration.

Kids and pets: Moving your house can be a stressful experience for both small children and pets that are comfortable in familiar environments and would find a new place unsettling, initially.  To soften the impact they can be left at a relative’s or a friend’s place whilst the move is completed and the new home is arranged and organised.

Update Information: Remember to update friends and relatives when you move and also inform the utilities company of the date of moving. This will help you when you are billed and you will not be charged anything excess.

Last but not least, always keep your valuables with you and they should remain your responsibility until you move into your new home. Moving to a new place can be completed with comfort and minimal stress, if done properly and by a professional removal company.

Evans specialises in household removals for Staffordshire and the surrounding area. Contact us today for a service that is sure to make your home move stress-free.

How To Choose The Right Removals Firm

If you are planning on moving house in the near future, then it might be worth considering using a household removal firm to handle your relocation. Of course, handing over your personal possessions to a company is a big decision, and so it’s important to make sure you choose a removal firm you are 100% comfortable and happy with. This means making sure you book your removal firm as soon as possible, if you find one you like, get them booked. Many firms become booked weeks in advance, especially good ones.

In order to choose a removal firm you will need to get a number of quotations, to ensure you are getting the best deal you can. Of course, the cheapest price doesn’t necessarily mean the best deal, so it’s important to shop around and read exactly what services the company will provide. In terms of cost, many websites now offer instant quotations but you should ask for a detailed assessment. This means that a removals firm will send a specialist to your home to look over what will need moving. They should be able to provide you with a more exact quote than the initial online one so make sure you show them everything. You should not be charged for this visit and you should ask for a fixed price once the sales estimator has been to see your home.

Once you have a few cost estimates to compare, search online for reviews of your potential removal firms. Reading personal experiences can help you to make up your mind. Don’t just accept the feedback on the firm’s website, typing the company’s name and location into a search engine may bring up other feedback which could be vital in helping you to make your decision. If you are still unsure then consider asking the firms for evidence of their staff’s training. The British Association of Removers and the National Guild of Removers and Storers conduct training and provide certificates, if you see copies of these check they are current and in date.

Removals Service Staffordshire










Find out what the firm’s insurance policy is; does it cover breakages or loss of your property? Does it apply to your items when they are in transit? You don’t want to be left with a large bill if anything goes wrong during the move. It might also be worth finding out relevant charges in case of delays, some firm’s will charge extra for any delays.

Once you have made your decision, sit back and allow someone else to take on the stress and inconvenience of packing up your home whilst you plan where all your items will go once they have arrived in their new location!

Evans Removals of Stafford are the company that guarantees a full and seamless home or office removals service in Stafford, Lichfield, Uttoxeter, Stoke, Stoke On Trent, Cannock, Rugeley and surrounding areas whatever the size or time demand of your move.

When Is The Best Time To Move Home?

Deciding on the best time to move house can often be a difficult decision to make. Not only do you need to think about the financial aspect of your move, and whether you can even afford to pay for the solicitors and the various other fees associated with moving, but you also need to consider the emotional and physical side of the move and whether you and your family are ready for it yet.

The government has just announced a change in the law which allows some borrowers to obtain mortgages with very little deposits. This makes it an ideal time to move house as it may mean that you can jump onto the property ladder if you have been recently renting.

If you are considering starting a family, you may want to think about moving house before you do so. This allows you to get settled in the new house and arrange it in the way that you want before any children come along. Trying to move house with children can be very stressful task.

One way of making the move easier for you is to hire professional removals companies to help you with the physical side of the move. They can even help you pack boxes and will ensure extra care goes into packaging your very fragile items. They will load all of the items onto their specially designed truck or van, and then transport them and unload them at the new house. This saves you a lot of time and effort and means that you can get on with other tasks on the day, rather than exhausting yourself with the move.

If you are thinking about moving in the next year, you may consider the season in which you plan to move out of your old house and into your new property.

Moving through the winter can be difficult not only because of the cold weather, which can delay removal vans and so on because of snow and wintry conditions, but also the fact that Christmas means that many people already have a lot of time off work during the winter months. Choosing to move in the springtime, when not too much is happening at work, may mean that you can take more of your annual leave to help settle yourself into your new house. Of course, Spring may be a busier time for you at work so you will need to consider what is best for you specifically.

If you are thinking about moving in the summer, this is a good time if you have children because they will be already out of school and you won’t disrupt their term time with moving house. If you’re moving to a different location where their school will need to be changed, then this lines up perfectly with the academic year.

Whenever you decide to move home, at a time that is most convenient for you, look into hiring a removals service; whether it’s to help you the whole way, with packing and everything, or just to help you make the transition on the day. Evans Removals offer a free quote so get in touch today if you’d like a hassle-free moving experience.

Why People Move Overseas



Moving overseas is something that many Brits are deciding to do each year, and there are many reasons why somebody might want to move abroad.

One of the first reasons that many British people relocate their homes and families to a foreign country is due to a financial reason or a job. Changing your job and moving to an overseas location sometimes cannot be helped, because the person needs work and will go wherever they need to, to find it. However, other people in companies are offered jobs in a foreign location and it is up to them whether they take it or not. The person may look at the country which they would be moving to and make a realistic decision based upon the style of living that they will have out there and how much the family would enjoy the new location.

Some people decide to move overseas due to the British weather. This forces many Brits to move to Australia every year, a much sunnier location which has a very similar culture to Britain with the added benefit that they all speak English. Although the weather is not a big enough reason for many people, some people are so fed up with the constant miserable and grey British weather that they decide to move abroad but the sake of their health and their lifestyle.

Other people might choose to live abroad or move overseas because they wish to be with a partner. The Internet and online dating has become such a hit in the past 10 years that many people are finding international relationships.

Because it is so easy to communicate from a different country to somebody else, and flights are becoming cheaper and more accessible, you can easily find that a person will fall in love with someone overseas and decide to spend the rest of their life with them in their foreign country.

Moving overseas can be a stressful business. Not only do you need to worry about the practical implications of moving all of your things from one country to another, but you also are probably worried about fitting into the new culture. This is totally natural – it is a big move but help is at hand.

You will probably find that you can cut the task down over the months leading up to the move, to make it far more manageable for you. Try to plan ahead to avoid problems.

Using a professional removals company can take some of the strain off. You can also now seek a lot of advice online, and if you need to learn a new language you can also do this with distance learning services.

Storage Wars- Why is it so popular?

Storage wars is an American reality TV series which premiered in 2010. It is a very popular show based on professional buyers who will purchase items that they see based on a five-minute inspection of the opening of a storage locker. The goal of the entire show is to make a profit.

Many people are becoming more interested in storage and understanding the growing popularity to store items rather than to sell them or chuck them away.

Many people believe that there is a lot of money placed in storage facilities across the world, as people cannot bear to part with their unwanted items that they cannot fit in their premises and so decide to keep it in a storage locker to deal with at a later date.

The advantage of using a storage facility is that you can keep any sized item very safely and securely in this facility for as long as you like. The rent is usually low and you can come and go as you please in many instances. Some people even store paperwork and very sensitive items in their storage facility, because it is a very safe place to keep items which are very limited people will have access to.

Some people decide to store furniture in a storage facility whilst they make the move to a new property. This allows them to keep hold of possible furniture which they are unsure where to place yet and helps them to organise the move properly.

Like with the show Storage Wars, some people forget that they have stored items in a storage unit and could be potentially sitting on a lot of cash value. In the show, this is sometimes taken to auction but in real life many storage units go unopened for many years.

If you’re looking for a storage facility in Staffordshire or the surrounding area, Evans offer some great deals, so get in touch today to find out more.

Making Sure You’re Ready To Move Home

Moving home… do you have everything?

Moving home is a very stressful process for many people, whether you have children, pets or whether you are just moving on your own. There are a lot of things that you need to think about, and making sure that you have everything packed up and ready to go into your new house is probably going to be one of the top priorities.

It is surprising how many items people will leave in their homes when they are moving house. You need to therefore ensure that you check every nook and cranny of your current home, including in the cupboards, under the sink and even on top units. It is very easy to leave things. People have been known in the past to leave underwear, money, CDs and even televisions in their homes.

Sometimes it is best to have a fresh eye on each room so that you are able to really scour the area to see if you have left anything. You might want to ask a friend or family member to go and have a look around the rooms without you, so that they can see whether anything has been left behind.

It can be particularly easy to leave something if you have been living in rented accommodation where furniture has been part of your rental agreement. It is therefore even easier to leave things in drawers and cupboards. Make sure that you look right to the back of the drawers to ensure that you have everything with you.

It is a very good idea to hire a professional home removals company to help you with the task of moving house. Even if you feel that you do not have many things to move from one house to the other, you will probably find that the task is a lot bigger than you had originally considered and choosing to hire a professional removals company will help you to easily manage the task on moving day. This can help moving day to become a lot more enjoyable and stress free.

If you’re located in the Staffordshire and surrounding area and are looking for a removals service, look no further> Evans Removals cover Uttoxeter, Lichfield, cannock, Telford and more.