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Why Choose Us?

  • 50 years experience in the industry
  • Member of the association of removers E018
  • Purpose built vehicles compliant with all regulations
  • Modern container warehouse, fully alarmed, dry, clean and with secure CCTV coverage
  • Full insurance cover provided
  • Office of fair trade approved code of practice
OFT approved code

Household & Domestic Removals in Uttoxeter

Evans Removals are a well-trusted local removals company and have a wealth of experience in the industry and in the Uttoxeter area. One resident who has recently moved home in the Uttoxeter area said,

“Home removal is less stressful with a company that handles home removals on a regular basis. With professional attitudes and experience, a home removals company can help you to move as swiftly as possible. Home removals are easy when you have the professionals on your side, charging reasonable costs that don’t blow the budget.”

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Uttoxeter Home Removals – How Do I Choose?

When you need to move house you need to ensure you have all bases covered. It can be a stressful time and you need to be organised. Here are some quick tips to choosing a home removals company:

  1. Removing your belongings and shifting furniture can be stressful so choosing a home removals company is key to a smooth move. Many removal companies have been established in their local area, such as Uttoxeter, and they make this home removal process as simple as possible for you. You should choose one to help you with your move too. Before home removal companies in Uttoxeter came along, you needed to hire a van and would have to be packing all the belongings yourself.
  2. Home removal companies in Uttoxeter allow you to leave all your worries about the process of house removals to the experts. You can get reasonable prices too!
  3. Once you have decided the size of your move, you should have an idea about the level of service and package that you should need. For example, a home removals company in Uttoxeter may offer packaging services, boxes, storage and a full comprehensible service, where as others may only provide you with packaging.
  4. Decide the type of removal service that you would like to use from the removal companies in Uttoxeter and then get a reasonable quote. Make sure you don’t go over budget, this is easy to do. Try negotiating. Also enquire about insurance information. Do they also charge any extra fees such as petrol costs? Remember the size of the house you are going to. If you are going to a small flat, you won’t want huge boxes to traipse up the stairs. You need to speak with your home removals firm to figure out the logistics of various things, for example, how will you move that piano?
  5. Sign on the dotted line when you are happy and then you should be well prepared on the day of the move.

As well as Uttoxeter, Evans also serves surrounding areas such as Rugely, Telford and Lichfield.

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