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Removals Walsall

Evans Removals are an experienced, professional removals company offering the Walsall area a friendly, efficient moving service. With over 50 years industry experience and specialist local knowledge, Evans are a well-trusted, highly recommended company who can assist with any physically difficult moving situation. For a free quote, get in touch today!

Walsall Removals – Transporting Awkward Items

There are many things that you need to think about when you are moving house, for example legal requirements and all of the necessary paperwork that goes along with moving.

However, you also need to think about how you are transporting all of your items and your items that may be awkwardly shaped or heavy. Here are some items which you may have difficulty with:

  1. The first one is a piano. Pianos are often antique items and you do not want to get any scratches on them throughout the move, therefore you should hire a professional and reputable home removals company in your local area to help you move the piano in the safest possible way. If you need home removals in Walsall, for example, then search for a Walsall company. The company will probably use a team of men to move and lift the piano out of the door and into a secure truck. They will probably use padding on the piano to ensure it does not get any scrapes or bumps on it as it is moved on its way.
  2. Sofas are also difficult items to move because they are often very large and bulky. Home removals in Walsall companies can try and dismantle the sofa so that it is easier to transport for the move. This may include taking the pillows off of it or maybe even taking the feet off of the bottom of the sofa and then moving it out of the door with a team of Home removals professionals.
  3. It is not just larger items which you may have difficulty moving, you may also find it difficult to move more fragile and smaller items like vases. If you have a very fragile and valuable vases that you want to move, you should ask your removals company for some bubble wrap and other fragile packaging items so that you can package the vase as safely as possible. This means that when it travels it is very unlikely to be bashed and smashed about.

Evans Removals are highly experienced and can help you no matter what your removals requirement. Good luck with the move and stay organised – this is the key to a successful and smooth moving process, otherwise it can get very stressful.

As well as Walsall, Evans can also assist you in the Telford, Stafford, Cannock areas and more.

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