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What do People Store in Storage?

As you can imagine were sure people store all sorts of things in self-storage and if we were to list everything that they could put in there, well we’d be here for a while. 

In this blog we are just going to cover some of the more typical things people use self-storage for, so your more general stuff. 


There isn’t always adequate space in the home for bulky furniture that isn’t currently in use and self-storage is the perfect solution to this problem. Customers can be increased and decrease the amount of space needed as required so you don’t pay for any space when the furniture is in use.


Lots of people read lots of books and lots of those people don’t want to part with any of them. This leads to some having vast collections of literature they can’t part with but do not have space for. That’s where self-storage comes in, and it’s not just good for large quantities of books, on the other end of the scale people use storage to keep their prized books in, simply due to increased security over the home.

Work-related items

Storage is brilliant for storing work items such as brochures, promotional item and even stock item ready for sale. Generally, the people using storage for work-related items are often long-running customers who haven’t space at home to accommodate their growing business or simply for storing their tools in a more secure location than home. 

Hobbyist items 

Hobbyist items such as fishing equipment can take up a lot of space in the home and isn’t used too often and potentially can be a strong magnet for thieves. Using self-storage put the mind at ease when storing the often expensive and sometimes irreplaceable equipment. The same can be said of many other hobbyist equipments like skiing or camping. 


A little bit less typical but a more popular option than you would think is wine. For someone who is looking to invest in wine and not simply buys it to consume than a self-storage facility is ideal. They are high security and come with temperature-controlled options which when it comes to wine storage is very important and with most facilities allowing you to access your storage 24/7 if you decide you want to drink some then you can do whenever you want to.