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What Do You Love More – The Man or the Van?

When it comes to hiring a man and van service, ideally you want a reliable and sturdy van with a friendly driver who is physically fit and knows where he is going. A shoddy removals man with a knackered vehicle is helpful to no one! So we can completely understand your heartbreak when the local divvy turns up with his donkey expecting to be of some help. He just won’t do! When hiring a man and van service you want the best of the best – and so you should! Transporting your precious items is a job best left for professional and experienced removals men.

Nevertheless, for the majority of movers in the UK, the right choice of service is somewhat dependent on what you find the most useful – the man or the van. Some of us find the van more helpful as we simply need a method of transportation and not necessarily the man-power. On the other hand, many of us Brits require some muscle and the assistance of a man is just as appreciated, if not more, as his four wheels.

So with that in mind we ask the question, what do you love more – the man or the van?

The Man

The man certainly has his merits, especially if he doesn’t mind mucking in and getting his hands dirty. Lifting your gear into a van can be monotonous and backbreaking on your own, so help is often very much appreciated. Plus, your man will probably be able to fit more in as he will be used to filling his van with Tetris like precision. Of course, ladies, it won’t hurt if the man is quite good looking! Fellas – if he supports the same football team as you, even better!

Strong Points

  • Can lift heavy objects;
  • Can help pack your items;
  • Great navigational skills.


  • May need feeding;
  • Will require a cup of tea;
  • Possible occasional flatulence.

The Van

Let’s face it, without the van your stuff just isn’t moving; well anywhere quickly anyway! You may not need the muscle power, but you’ll definitely need the horse power, especially if you’re moving far away. If you hire a new van you can ensure you arrive at your destination in style too! Many modern vans now come with plenty of added little features, such as parking sensors, satellite navigation and fancy audio players. So you can rock out as you move out!

Strong Points

  • Transports all of your heavy items;
  • Fast and comfortable;
  • Plenty of room.


  • Will need fuel;
  • Will require a cup of tea;
  • Possible puncture risk.

Have Your Say

So, we’ve highlighted the good and bad points of both a man and a van when it comes to a removals service. Now we’re opening it up to our loyal customers to send us their opinion and to answer the question – who do you love more? Have your say on our Facebook and Twitter pages and join in the debate!