6 Inexpensive Ways To Burglar Proof Your Home

High tech security systems are well and good but they are not your only option when it comes to home security. There are lots of cheaper ways to further burglar-proof your home. Even if your budget isn’t that large it is still wise to not overlook steps that are the foundation of home security.

Our top low and no-cost burglar proofing methods you can start implementing straight away.

Keep your windows and doors locked

A lot of burglaries into the home is partaken by opportunist burglars the ones who are just looking for a quick easy target. Surprisingly the majority of them happen in the daytime between 10 and 3 and only take on average about 10 minutes to complete. About a third are entered through the front door and a quarter through a first-floor window so make sure to keep them locked when not in and even when you are but not going to be using a particular room for a while you might want to consider shutting the windows just to be safe and especially remember to shut the back door even if your just nipping upstairs to put the laundry away for a moment if it’s easily viewable and accessible from outside your property.

Keep your locks updated and maintained

It’s a good idea to have a check on your locks now and then just to make sure they’re in optimum condition, at the end of the day they are the first point of protection from intruders. Firstly, look to see if any are damaged, it’s also a good item to take inventory of any keys you may have floating around with others that you’re not in contact with anymore. Check exteriors locks think about how old they are they may be susceptible to new techniques of picking or could now easily be jimmied open due to corrosion or continuous wear from use. When looking for newer more tamper-proof locks, it’s a good idea to have ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadlocks on exterior doors.

Reinforce everything

Now let’s say all your locks are great, now that’s all well and good but if the thing securing it is a week or flimsy it may render it pretty useless against a well-placed kick or shoulder barge allowing entry in seconds. Inspect every entry point, first-floor ones being more important for obvious reasons and then repair, replace and reinforce where necessary.

Invest in motion sensor lighting

Outdoor sensor lighting can be a particularly effective piece of equipment for home burglary prevention. As soon as they come on it can sometimes be enough to deter a thief from going along with the burglary instantly. You can also find indoor motion sensor lighting these days such as motion sensor light bulbs, so if they do decide to continue and get in, they will be lit up indoors as well, which is sure to make them more detectable and think twice about hanging around.

Out of sight out of mind

‚ÄčTry and not put your expensive items on show, It might be nice having all your fancy things out and about to see and showcase but consider having places to put them or things to cover them during the day. Things like cash, small electronics, jewellery and important documents like passports can temp a thief into your home and all it takes is them to spot it on the side table. Similarly, high-value outdoor items such as tool/power tool, bikes and other items that could be grabbed easily should be stored in a secure shed or garage when not using them to ensure the greatest theft prevention.

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