Moving home: Your essential checklist for a smooth move

Undoubtedly, having experienced the nail-gnawing execution of getting your fantasy home, the laborious procedure of getting a mortgage endorsement and afterwards managing all the administration tossed at you by the solicitors your probably feeling depleted before you have even begun to pack.

If you’re close to moving home and want a checklist to help the process go smoother then keep reading.

Redirect your mail

In spite of the fact that this may appear as something you can hold off until after the move, the experts advise putting diverting your mail at the highest point on your list.

In the event that you hold off until you are in your new home to let people know your new location, you may miss important bills or data.

The Post Office offers a redirection service which, for a small cost, will redirect your mail to your new address from a specified date.

Letting utility companies and different associations simultaneously can likewise spare time and exertion over the long haul. Remember the DVLA, if you own a vehicle, your kids’ school and your dentist and doctor.

Electoral register

Ensuring you update your location on the electoral register is likewise significant. In addition to the fact that it means you can cast a ballot, it’s important for keeping up a decent credit rating.


It’s a smart thought, when you move house, to check your heating will work proficiently, especially during cold seasons.

Mortgage holders are encouraged to get their boilers adjusted once per year. It’s recommended to sort out the servicing for the week before you move in for additional security and to guarantee it runs adequately the first occasion when you switch it on.

Parking License

On the off chance that you don’t have a drive, carport or free parking you should apply for your license ahead of the transition to your new home.

You will require confirmation of residency to do this so go with the vital desk work.

Children and Pets

Moving day will undoubtedly be tumultuous. Adding kids and pets to the blend will just expand the mayhem. Getting family members or companions to help by taking care of them can help ease the burden on a moving day and permit you to focus solely on the move.

Remember to get your pet’s microchip and informal ID updated.

Survival pack

Ensure you pack your kettle. Actually, setting aside a container of moving day basics –, for example, cups, tea and coffee, milk and some sweet treats – will guarantee you have enough supplies to prop you and the people helping up throughout the day.

It will likewise merit setting aside cleaning items, refuse sacks and some overnight things in a bag so you don’t need to scavenge around the containers searching for your toothbrush or contact lenses for example.

Meter readings

It’s not difficult to overlook, however taking meter readings is fundamental to guarantee you are not charged more than you should for your gas, power and water. Your supplier will use the reading to make up your last bill so ensure it’s precise. This ought to be the last thing you do before shutting the door on your old home.

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